​In order to keep our clients happy, we have implemented a four stage payment structure which is designed to build trust and provide financial security throughout the installation process:

Site Survey: A fee of £75 + VAT will be required before we can attend site to take the exact measurements of your project. This fee will of course be fully refunded should you decide to proceed with the project.
Templating: Assuming you would like to move forward, we would then need to receive the payment for the fittings and manual labour prior to attending for templating ( may not be required for certain shower/mirror installations) in order to purchase the fittings on your behalf from our supplier. we would then install the fittings on site and manually manufacture the physical MDF templates for the glass.
Glass Costs: Once the MDF templating has been completed, we would need to receive payment for the glass, so we can begin production at our manufacturing plant. Simultaneously we will then arrange a date with you where we can attend and fully install the glass and in essence complete the project.
Installation: This is the final payment that you will make, but only after the installation has been fully completed and you are over the moon with the results.

We find this method works well, however, we are more than happy to compromise with our clients, so always give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

> Please note we only receive payment via bank transfer direct into our company bank account.