As a company we take great pride in being the market leaders for both the supply and installation of splashback glass to the commercial and domestic sectors.
The five key reasons our splashbacks are so highly sought after is as follows:
The glass we use is 6mm Low Iron which is 9 times clearer than standard annealed glass. This is a paramount factor as the highly specialised paint we apply can then transmit it's rich and vibrant colour completely.
The paint applied on every splashback is the same as that used on boats, thus we can happily offer every client a 10 year guarantee.
We offer each client the choice of over 20,000 colours which includes Ral, Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Pantone, Ncs and Bs ranges.
Each splash back we manufacture is heat resistant and can withstand high temperature changes of up to 400 degrees celsius.
Every splashback is fully tempered/toughened in accordance with British Standards BS EN 12150 which makes it 5 times stronger than standard annealed glass.
It is with the strong product foundations mentioned above and the exceptional finished product displayed below. That you can clearly see why we are considered one of the premier glass splashback providers in the UK.

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